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The MSMF philosophy is designed to aid you in constructing a realistic and achievable financial plan – a plan that puts your life first and your money second. We take special care to utilize our deep insight and vast network of resources in a way that is truly beneficial to you.  With MSMF, implementing systems that simplify the financial process and encourage communication is the key to building meaningful partnerships.  There are three cornerstones that resonate in every aspect of the work we do for you:


One of our goals at MSMF is to bring a higher level of understanding to every step of the wealth management process.  We begin by focusing on you and your vision and values. We follow up by fully deciphering the goals, needs, and issues that are pertinent to your financial health.  Then we work to fully educate you on the complexities of the financial world we are helping you navigate. The combination of what we know and what we know about you, provides you with the full benefit of our insight.


The partners at MSMF have over a century of combined experience in our industry.  Our experience has created a reputation of excellence and success throughout the Midwest.  As we bring clarity and knowledge to our clients, they experience a greater sense of confidence in their strategies, progress, and future success.


When you choose to work with MSMF you are doing more than just hiring a wealth management firm.  You are building a long-term partnership based upon commitment, consistency, and a passion for seeing you succeed.  We are a lifetime resource to help you plan for the transitions and changes that inevitably come throughout your life.  We view the relationships we build as a true, ongoing collaboration to help you realize your life’s vision.