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Planning Areas

MSMF helps you to clarify your vision, create confidence in a successful transition into retirement, and establish a partnership to help achieve your life’s financial goals . Our specialty lies in a three-cornerstone approach to the integrated management of every aspect of your wealth. The service that MSMF provides is crafted not only to maximize your financial freedom and independence, but to build a sustainable legacy for your future.

Building Your Nest Egg: MSMF acts as your coach and partner for creating the wealth that you desire. We work beyond forecasting markets and guessing about short-run investment opportunities to lay the foundations of a diversified and hearty nest egg. Together, we will craft an investment strategy that fits you. Then, we will monitor those investments with discipline and consistency. As our partnership matures, you will better understand the strategy we designed with the goal of garnering you the wealth to support a lifetime paycheck.

Paycheck For Life: When you choose to partner with MSMF, you are choosing to create a longstanding relationship that will act as a resource – no matter where life takes you. Part of our strategy is to provide you, through sound advice and decision making, with a steady and comfortable income for the rest of your life.  As your wealth accumulates, MSMF will also assist you to build your savings as well as a financial system that protects your family.

Protecting Your Family: Your wealth has implications that reach beyond maintaining your daily comfort. Let’s face it – it is your responsibility to protect your loved ones with a sustainable legacy. We will make your family’s financial health one of our greatest priorities by creating a wealth management plan that encompasses everything from your children’s education to assisting your parents to protecting yourself in the event of health concerns.

MSMF offers a comprehensive set of services to help you realize your financial dreams.  We view wealth management as an all encompassing partnership with a mission of integrating a diverse combination of strategies to enable you to realize your vision for your life and your money.

Helping and protecting your family

MSMF truly respects the importance of your wealth’s role in providing comfort and security for your family. Whether it is assisting your parents or funding a child’s education, incorporating family considerations is an integral part of a wealth management plan. Specific points we like to focus on for our clients include:

  • Enabling your family to enjoy their lifestyle
  • Planning for education expenses
  • Preparing for unforeseen health issues
  • Making wealth available to help your children
  • Assisting your parents with their financial needs

Protecting and enjoying your lifestyle

MSMF employs a team of insurance specialists committed to helping you protect the things that are most important to you. We work with you to look at your big picture and find a comprehensive insurance plan that protects you and your family. Some of the most common ways we assist our clients are with products designed to:

  • Replacing your income in the event of illness or death
  • Providing additional income for an extended healthcare event
  • Protecting your business if you or your partner get sick or injured

Achieving financial comfort

At MSMF we develop partnerships that enable you to feel confident that the vision for your life and your money is on track. Financial comfort means something different to each person, so we want to ensure you are confident in the plans we create together and feel your life’s vision will be realized. For us, the biggest components of financial comfort include assisting you in:

  • Building and protecting your nest egg
  • Receiving a regular paycheck for your entire life
  • Minimizing unnecessary taxes
  • Saving for future financial needs
  • Gaining and Maintaining financial freedom and independence

Plan for the expected and unexpected

Our biggest passion at MSMF is working to ensure your financial success. We want to enable you to build the life you want today and prepare so that you can continue to get all that you want out of life in the future. As we develop our understanding of your unique needs, we can help you identify the areas of your wealth management plan that will serve both your short-term and long-term desires and dreams all while maximizing your financial benefits. Key elements of this strategy include:

  • Clarifying your vision for your life and your money
  • Helping you develop confidence in managing life’s financial stages
  • Preparing for potential health and healthcare challenges
  • Understanding the importance of work and leisure in retirement

Creating a legacy for the future

Part of managing every aspect of your wealth is considering your future legacy. MSMF embraces sensitive topics like your mortality and the management of your financial resources once you have moved on to a better place. We understand the importance of using your wealth to make an impact for future generations and will work with you to direct the benefits of your success to loved ones and the causes you support. Some of the most common ways that we help are:

  • Developing strategies for your wills and trusts
  • Building and preserving your legacy for your heirs
  • Giving to charity while you are alive and at your death
  • Directing your legacy during your lifetime and after

Financial integration for families

Our approach to wealth management may also consider the financial goals and needs of each of your family members. We will work with you and your family to develop an intergenerational plan that includes long term investment strategies as well as funding and income plans throughout their lives. What is important is your life and your relationships with your family and ensuring their future financial responsibility, not what the markets are doing. The backbone of effective family wealth planning includes:

  • Integrating the unique financial needs of each individual member of your family
  • Planning for your children’s and grandchildren’s education
  • Educating your entire family about money and financial responsibility
  • Acting as a resource for each member of your family and their needs