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The MSMF process was created to help you build a realistic and achievable financial plan – a plan that puts your life first and your money second.

MSMF masterfully implements systems that simplify the financial process and encourage communication. Our approach is defined by a combination of deep insight and a vast network of resources leveraged to truly benefit you.

Understand: As a testament to our genuine respect for you and your goals, the first step of our wealth management consulting process is understanding. We take the opportunity to listen, to get to know you and to educate you on the complex financial world we are entering together. Your MSMF team will use the knowledge we will share to design an integrated plan custom tailored for you and your future.

Strategy: Together, we will walk through the investment plan that we have crafted for you. Your investment plan is a reflection of three key elements. First, our partners’ 100 combined years of industry experience. Second, our goal to help create wealth in a way that compliments your lifestyle, and third, input from our extensive wealth management network. We will never just chase short-run market trends when building your investment plan. We take an educated, objective, and comprehensive approach to developing your investments on a much more stable scale. The wealth management plan we develop for you will serve as a comprehensive tool designed to provide comfort and security in every aspect of your present and future life.

Implement: Now the time comes for us to put the strategies we have created to work. We handle the day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year details of your financials, while you focus on the parts of your life that truly deserve your attention.

Renew & Update: Our process is all about you and your vision for the present and future.  We will schedule regular meetings to touch base with you about the progress of our work, your life, and your wealth. Our partnership will continue to be a resource for you through every stage of your life.  Together we will work towards allowing you to live the life that you’ve always dreamed of living.