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Who We Serve

The diverse specialties of our team at MSMF allow us to serve many types of clients with vastly different needs. We deliver a wide range of capabilities with a singular focus: helping our clients lead fulfilling lives and operate successful businesses.

Individuals & Families

No matter what stage you are in your personal life, we understand that financial stability eases every transition. We help clients across all stages of life, from professionals just starting their careers to seniors planning a legacy.

Business Owners

Owning a business can be a time-consuming endeavor. Your advisors at MSMF understand the immense pressure and responsibility that you face as a company owner. We act as your trusted advisor to help you maximize your successes and protect against unexpected setbacks.


Of Americans are winging it and don't use a financial advisor1


Of Baby Boomers feel like they are ahead of the game and doing better than most2


Of Millennials have student loan debt3

Retirement Plan Sponsors

Offering a retirement plan is a great way to foster buy-in and retention among employees in your business, but the mechanics of these plans are highly regulated and complex. We work with you to save you time implementing and administering your plan, and help educate your employees on making smart choices when saving for retirement.

Foundations & Institutions

As a nonprofit, you’re doing important work to make the world a better place. We support your mission by creating solid financial strategies designed to sustain your organization into the future. 

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